4 stroke?


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Sep 3, 2007
my frends 4stroke is makeing a ticking noise and his dads woried about it. he replaced the camshaft and made sure the valves were adjusted right any one know what it could be??
does he hav an aftermarket pipe? cuz they tap against a piece and make a ticking noise.. thats what my 400ex did... it also could be just a few loose parts...
thats ticking noise is most likely timing chain i say so since somebody play in the head,mayby the chain tensionner is not ajusted,waith a minute you said he change the cam,if he put a aftermarket cam its normal since the lift and duration are longer and higher so dont worried
is he running good gas in it, sometimes when you use 87 octane in some engines it causes them to detonate and makes a ticking noise, this is common in most sport quads