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Feb 6, 2014
Hey guys out riding with my son today bike is running like a top with the fresh rebuild. Life is Great! Then....... He makes a turn and the ball joint on the front lower a arm brakes and his front tire is flapping in the wind. Good news is he was making a turn at like 2 mph so no injuries. The question I have is I am on a budget and need to fix this as we have a camping riding trip planned. I am looking at buying the follow:


I see they are +3 does this mean I need to get extend brake lines? I like how on this set the ball joint are replaceable as they are not with the stock ones. Any options and feed back would be great my budget is like $250.

Thanks so much for the help guys!
I would get new cables or lines to be safe. Does the blaster have drum brakes with cable or hydraulic disc with lines?
You may be able to get away with the stock cables but you may have to re rout a bit? I am thinking they will be long enough but im not sure. I don't know if they make extended cables for this application but I am sure you can get them made or even make them your self if needed..
Yea I did a little more research and it looks like the stock cables will work. Has anybody used these before are they an improvement over stock?
I do believe the stock cables will work but you may or may not have to re route them. I put these arms on my 03 they are 1.5 inches wider on each side and 1 inch forward so it doesn't need very much extra slack from the cables/lines to reach
Thanks for the thread I am going to add the jam bolt with lock when I get it. This is my kids bike and want to to be safe. Have these held up since the mod? Or do you guys recommend any other arms for about the same price? I don't want to buy used stock due to not knowing how wore out they might be. I am planning on ordering something tomorrow so any help would be great
Hate to buy a product and have to buy parts from another product to make it work sounds like a joke. I am going to call alba in the am and see what the deal is.
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Talked to Alba today and they now weld one solid piece so the ball join can't pull out the collar is now wielded to the end. Rep was very nice and helpful.

Talked to Alba today and they now weld one solid piece so the ball join can't pull out the collar is now wielded to the end. Rep was very nice and helpful.

That's good to hear. They were nice when I had spoke with them as well (Corey was his name I believe). Welding the collar would be a better/safer design especially if its for your kid

A Arms came in to day they look nice but I was surprised to see how tight the metal bushing fit into the arms need a hydraulic press to get them in. I think that alba should ship the arms with these in due to most diy people might not have a press. I called alba to make sure they were supposed to be this tight and they said yes they recommend using a press. you could use a vice but mine would not open far enough to do the top arms but a vice would work for the bottoms. will let you know how the rest of the install goes when I finish tomorrow after work.
you could put the metal bushing in the freezer before you try to put them in it will help a lot .... so will heating the a arms a bit with a torch or even a hair dryer