240 or +3mm crank?


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Apr 4, 2007
Ive been lookin into it... I think im gunna focus this summer on fixin up my blaster, probably better shocks and a wider axle, then plastics. But over the winter i want to mod the engine. Ive been told that a 240 kit is prone to overheating... so this is what im thinking.

Go with the race port and polish job, a +3mm stroker crank with a new piston bored the next size up from whatever it is at now so i can still bore it further if i blow it up. Then a 33mm carb, keep the procircuit exhaust and fmf silencer, and throw on an alluminum air box.

I plan on always running race gas in my blaster since it runs cooler, so i will get the most agressive port job i can find. BUt should these mods put me up there with 240 kits? Or should i do all of those and just say f*ck it and go 240cc?

Im a power freak. But would the bike still be reliable with these mods?? Im lookin for 40-50hp out of it
Oh and i can do all the work myself, other than the bore/hone job.. So difficulty is not an issue here.
honestly a 240 isnt as fast as everone thinks....a deciently modded blaster could keep up with it.....but if that little bastered is ported then u wont touch it