240 kit plus 3mm stroker any thoughts or advice

i just blew the berring on my counter balance and am in the process of replacing all the berrings and the transmission cause the race from the berring did some damage so i figure while i have it apart i might as well do so modding im thinking a 240 kit and a stroker crank but i'll be doing mainly 50 plus mile trail rides and dont want to have to carry a gas can so if any one could tell me how bad this would make my mpg i'd really appriciate it also when i split my case a small single ball bering came out smaller than the ones from the counter balance any idea where it might go? thanx
Just remember when you add a modification your decreasing your reliability. I would only add the stroker for dragging or dune riding.
stroker cranks give u a good gain of hp but u won't get speed, i kinda wish that i had something besides the stroker that wouold give me more speed but it still works pretty goood
Again, like previously stated regardless of HP gain, it doesn't change your top speed. That's all about the gearing. As for your MPG, yes it does change when perfroming upgrades on any motor, generally, the more radical the application(better), the lower the MPG.
a stroker with a big bore wouldnt be the best for a 50 mile trail ride........i think that set up wouyld be better for dunning or flat out dragging....ull have to run AV or race fuel...AV fuel here is 4 something a gallon not sure about the race fuel...not sure if ur worried about what fuel u wanna runbut it'll be a little more costly