2002 Warrior I want a Blaster!


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Apr 7, 2007
Steelville, Mo
I want to sell or trade my warrior for a blaster + cash. This Warrior is in awesome shape i just want some extra cash and a blaster project to work on.
2002 Warrior
-Fresh Rebuilt top-end with hi comp wiseco piston. Done in february
20" razrs in the back holeshots up front
-14tooth sprocket
-new rear master brake cylinder
-rejetted with a 147.5 main
This thing has got some power and can be opend up more with a couple mods.
I was 2500, or a blaster + cash.
Local pick up. I live in Mid-Missouri
pics are a little muddy.



What town you live in? Anywhere near St. Joseph?
I dunno man, some people could be interested but i dont think your gunna find people to trade in a blaster enthusiast forum.
Nah man not a prob... Heh im here cus my cousin used to have a blaster and i got the opportunity to buy mine for cheap. Im a sort-of enthusiast. but definetly a fan of the 2 strokes
i've got a 04 blaster that i might be interested in trading......only mods done to it would be the full set of skid plates, new clutch in spring of last year, and oil injector plug kit. Don't have any pics right now, but i can get some soon.
i'm in Independence KS, which is in the southeast corner, just about 2 hours west of joplin.