YZ 490 is in but wont start



well i got all the brackets welded in and rattle canned them for now so that they wont rust. i have the whole motor in now and just hooked up the carb kick starter, wiring and fuel tank i gave it a few kicks but it just wont start. i checked for spark and it is getting spark. so i dont know :/.

i havnt put the throttle cable in because the one i got was damaged so im waiting for a new one to come in. there also seem to be quite a bit of play with the kick start (it doesnt start to turn the motor untill it is half way down). Im not sure what causes that to happen either.

one last thing is it seem to me that the clutch is jammed. i pulled the rod out because i thought my blaster one would go in so i wouldnt have to mess around with the cables. but they were different sizes. but anyhow when i put the rod back in the tranny i cant pull it it to disengage the clutch. i dont know if i did a mjor eff-up or if it was locked like that before. but anyone know how to fix this?


gratz on getting the 490 in uhhm make sure everything is set right is just bout all i can say..cuz..im not really sure..ill post back if i think of somthin else...it wont be till morning tho..cuz im tired!
are u sure the motor is good? and we needs some pics of this.. like now!
well thats what im asking it is supposed to be rebuilt but i think it needs crank shaft bearings
humm do you got big spark or a weak one , and if you got big spark its maybe just carb issue put some gas in the spark plug hole if its start then its carb issue!!!!
alright ill try that ad i have some starting fluid for gas engines but does any one know if it is safe to use on a two stroke?
no dont do thats never use starting fluid on 2 stroke never !!!!! usu some gas of your gas tank,the point is just to know if your fire is ok and if indeed your carb is the probleme!!
ok just checking to make sure ill try putting the gas in ther and see what happens
there also is no exhaust on it yet so i dont know if the lack of back pressure would prevent it from running
yep put thats thing together and then do your testing and if you need further help i will be happy to try to help you , keep up the good work!!!
all right im sending it to a friends to get the exhaust made on it then ill see if i cant get it running
well its at my mechanics now getting a temorary exhaust and a final tune up i should have it here and running by wensday. but i thing i should wait for my brakes to come in before i take it out. and i think im going 5 inches on the swing arm extension.