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Again just to be public about it - when you give our star a review I need it to be 100% honest. Obviously we all want to hear nothing but good things - I hope so from this outcome - but if something is unsatisfactory I need to hear about that just as much. Thanks!

I could see a review on your porting, but it's pretty hard to go wrong with the shift star, we've all been doing it on here for years, there's even a DIY on here somewhere for those crafty enuf.

CH55, you'll be more than pleased with this mod
I understand and its good to have the DIY sections and whatnot. I will never be one to down the DIY guys out there. But for those not comfortable enough or that dont have the correct tooling - because simple grinder is just not gonna do the job reliably - i am here to offer the mod at an affordable price, done consistently and done correctly.
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I think I'll just wait until I have time to get take it off Bronco. No need to spend an extra $10 lol!! And mines pre 03 so that shouldn't be a problem

I've heard a lot of good things about these modded shift stars but I don't think its something I could've done with only a table grinder!! This will really help me out!

And lol Herp
I Could totally do this with the compressor die grinder!

And then when i was done, i would order a new part from ebay and send it to youngguns
I Could totally do this with the compressor die grinder!

And then when i was done, i would order a new part from ebay and send it to youngguns

Lol I appreciate that, a grinder will get you started, but overheating the metal isn't good, die grinders are going to be tough to keep level and straight and bench grinders will be risky so close to your figures and dremel tools are great for finish work and blending but will take long periods of time and lack alot of power. The finish work in our stars really shines and you can clearly look the entire item over and you will find no signs of overheating
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I would never try a die grinder. i just used it tonight with a brand new bit. cut the mig weld i had right off.

dremel would be the only way for someone to do it safely (even then you could hit a finger)
Height will play a big roll as well as radius - too high defeats the purpose of less travel to change gears -the stock example being very sharp and tall requires a lot of travel to move over a very hard point - this gets tougher as the shaft sees wear over time. If cut too low the profile will experience little to no resistance and more than likely have trouble staying in gear, you will likely hit a lot of ghost neutrals and it will become more problematic as time passes. Finding the safest margin is what we have done over time and testing, we cut about .070 off the star and blend the points equally all the way around - you can go lower than that, and even be ok a little higher than that, but with the stock detent this seems to perform best for us. If you want exact numbers on the radius I will measure and post as well.
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