yamaha blaster transmission wanted...


What you looking to spend? I have a whole set in nice shape. I'm in 27613 as far as shipping. Didn't think about selling them and don't know what they are worth. Have been saving them to build a third motor one day. Cash would be better right now. Lemme know.


I hope you are savvy on these!! I have the whole rig, minus the lock washers. I can send the old ones, but I would suggest you get new ones. Once they get unbent, they are more trouble than they are worth. I also have the counter balancer and, well...

What I don't have is the right side case, the clutch has one tower broke off, the kick starter spring is gone and the flywheel key is gone and no crank. Other than that, I have every part on a bottom.

If that makes any sense?

Lemme know what parts you want and what they are worth to you.

Oh and the bearings I'd call iffy and ALWAYS buy new seals.

right side is good as far as i know. the left side is totally beyond repair. all the right gears on the right side are removed but i didn't split the cases so w/e is internal is still intact.

hi i am new to thi forum,need help,bought a 99 blaster got it running but was warned it had no 6th gear.so i put the motor back together and it ran,but to me sounded noisey(tranny noise) today when taken off something made a noise and then it started smoking and then shut off and wouldnt start,i know it needs a transmission but is it a hard thing to change?i dont want to take it to the dealer at $48 an hour for many hours and pricey parts.i would rather change the whole tranny/bottom end for a got price .it has a new piston and rings but no clearances were checked and i thought there was a lot of side to side play in the connecting rod.
kyle,,,, the transmission is not for amature attempts in my opinion,,,, buy a hwole bottom or motor,,, if you take it to the dealer I'll tell you from experience it will run you in the neiborhood of like $800 in parts alone from yamaha ,,,,, also in my opinion the tranny is the hardest part of a blaster you have to completely disassemble the engine and split the cases... how many gears do you have on it.... if i member right and correct me if i am wrong but it is 6 gears INCLUDING nuetral,,,, havent actually riden one in a bit but i think its actually 5
also if it started smoking first thing i think of is POS oil injection put a $20 blockoff on it when you get it back together and mix your own... i dont like counting on that injection system,,, if you are going to pre mix make sure to use block off kit,, I blew my tranny after fresh rebuild when i took oil pump off and did not block it years ago, it poured the oil out but i didnt notice.
Blasters have 6 gears. But I have heard that 1999 and older only have 5, i have never owned a running blaster that old so I'm not sure.
cut to the chase..

What's a set of gears and shafts, forks, etc. worth? You can buy mystery bottoms all day long for $200 on epray. You may be OK maybe not.

BTW, losing 6th sounds like a fork bend issue or maybe the little boss is fubar. It's the least used gear, so a gear problem is unlikely. That said, when sh*t comes loose in the tranny anything can happen!!

BTW, I second that if you are not serious comfy with working on this part, it ain't an OJT type thing. You can make a simple mistake and make metal scrap out of it in a heart beat.


Oh yea The gears are Helical gear main drive with a primary reduction ratio of 71/22 then goes into the chain drive for a secondary reduction of 40/13 (the sprockets) in the case gears are as follows:

In the manual, all years. I have three and all conform. I don't know for sure if there were any changes or not.
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I just double checked against randelators link to the manual he had posted. It is the same info I have. I am sceptical to any gear changes ever. I wopuld not be surprised after the big change in like '03 or whenever if some thing like the ration changed, but I bet it would still be bolt up.

Just my .02

probly the only $60 one is mine i would guess,, dunno tho, if interested let me know on pm,, i would have to go through and make sure all of its still there but should be,, you would have to get like new clips and stuff, but if you wanted to take a cheep wack at it. should have main and counter shaftes as well as shift drum the only thing might be missin i think is shift forks mabey but you should havethose, if one is messed up like the oldfart sais than you may have to find one of those though.
yea idk what you guys want lol for the trannys i just want one that all the gears work and that are willing to sell you guys let me know how much u want then maybe we could work out a deal.....
well, like i say check with these guys, I'll sell you a good trans. motor got pulled apart for crank and never fixed, youd probly be better to get a bottom end, but for the $60 I have a good, complete transmision, both shaftes and all gears, pics if you want, but I'll never use it any way. if I need one il find one