Yamaha Banshee engine in Blaster frame?


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Jul 5, 2007
I:II:II:IDoes anyone know if a Banshee engine will fit a Blaster frame? would this be a hard swap? or would it be impossible? any ideas?
It would not be impossible. And would it be hard? Depends on how good you or the person trying it, is at fabrication.

IMO the hard part would be to find a gas tank, pipe and silencer to fit properly. You would probablly have to have someone fabricate custom pipes.
Thanks for answering

I was just wondering as I have an extra blaster frame that I am looking for an water cooled enginr for would be so easy to use a dt200 lc, but I cannot track one down, everytime I get a lead on one its gone before I can get up with the seller.B-)
yeah ive been looking for one of those to. There was one on ebay but that was before i was really interested in getting one.
I have tried ebay international, and pretty much every Yamaha place I could get a response from and no one had or so they said any new or used parts.I even contacted yamaha dealers in other countrys to no avail.
I personaly would like to try a yz250 or say a tecate 250 in a blaster frame some time in the future
Big motor in blaster frame

A guy in this area has a late 70,s yz490 aircooled 2 stroke engine in a blaster, but that is overkill, like beating a dead horse to death. but it is definetely a banshee beater, but you would def need to gussett frame and stretch swingarm to ride that one among other things like a modified pipe, myself I want the durability of a liquid cooled engine. thought bought a yz250 in blaster frame but have heard that the four wheeler was not fun to ride because of the gearing and power band coming on at wrong time.....huh
about 3 years ago i help my buddy fab up an 88 250r motor into a 99 blaster....the hardest part was the exhaust,cooling system,solid motor mount,getting traction,HORRIABLE vibrations
I guess next year when I get my tax money back I will try to buy a banshee or another 4 wheeler w/ a water cooled engine. I had a Honda TRX 450 but I had to get rid of it because of a bill.. I got 2 blasters right now and they both need major work so Im not sure what im gonna do
yea man i sold all my stuff go into trucks an now i want a banshee so i feel ur pain on needing money