WTB: Misc Stuff


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Mar 29, 2007
I guess I'll start it off!

WTB: For Blaster

- clutch perch and lever (not the stock one with parking brake BS on it)
- parking brake block off plate
- 28-30mm carb, cable to fit would also be nice
- bansee axle, or aftermarket blaster (+2 at least)
- Wheel spacers
- 400EX rear shock

That should do it! Let me know what you have, Paypal only.

I've scene all these items on ebay, but thanx for the links. Alot of times you really dont get much of a deal on ebay due to the number of people after the same item.

I am mainly looking for these items that forum members have :)
You tend to get better deals anyway
:lol: Take it. Maxit doesn't use eBay.
Maxitout, what's wrong with eBay? Not everything comes dirt-cheap.
You definitely got me wrong on ebay.

I love ebay, I buy so much crap on ebay its rediculious. In fact, I just picked up an AC full chasis skid for $35 shipped, Brand new. I'm not dissing ebay in any way

The point I was trying to make is you tend to to get better deals on boards due to lack of competition. Second, I like the notion of supporting the board and its community. Any money that transfers hands over a board is good for not only the buyer/seller, but good for the baord, and the blaster community as a whole (and lord knows we got our hands full with competition)