Which shocks to choose?



Which other ATV shocks will fit my front and rear of my Blaster? I have heard banshee shocks, and others. Which ones?
Go with banshee for fronts, 400ex for rear.
Ya lol if you have the money which most people like me dont lol.
Will the banshee shocks just make it a better ride for jumps and stuff, or does it actually affect ride height? Same question for rear.
400EX shocks will jack the rear up a little bit, maybe and inch or so (I actually like the look better)

As far as the Banshee shocks, I do not know
I've heard banshee shocks are just stiffer so you dont bottom out on jumps. and they will raise the ride height a little on stock a-arms
400ex rear shock takes a little modification...but the banshee fronts dont......the banshee front will lift the front of the quad...and they are stiffer...but ur handling will be a lot more squirly...i would suggest yfz fronts as long as u have a lowering kit or if u dont mind modding a new upper bracket