What color should I paint my blaster.



Im thinking black with white plastics. Anyone have any other ideas for colors? Has anyone used spray on bedliner on a quad frame? Let me know what you guys have done to yours.
Im thinking about painting mine all black even the frame and then put some spider web decals on it. Its all up to you man. Im a big fan of black and dark colors. I think all black plastics with a neon green frame would be cool. Just my opinion.
do something unconventional. I wouldnt do a black frame but thats just me. White and black show scratches, cracks, dirt alot more than other colors IMO.
the orange and black sounds cool, but the other day my uncle got the stuff do annodize aluminum so im going to get my rims annodized soon, wat color do u think i should go with?
My plastics are all black with a cheap spider web decal set. I'm repainting them this winter, black again but im using an air brush to do some more custom work. I'm also painting the frame red, similar to the color of 110octane's blaster.
Well what ever I decide to do I better figure it out quick. I took my Blaster apart today. I have 4 cracks in the frame. Motor mount, frame, and 2 fender mounts. Good thing I did take it apart. Ill let you all know how it goes.
Mine has black rear fenders, and burnt orange front, with a black hood, and i still have my original yellow rims :D they look good with my paint
but yah, thats just me..cuz i am anti-white...AND METALLICA, nice with the cobwebs idea :D
Yeah I got the idea because I saw the decals in a magazine and I was already planning on painting my blaster all black. Yours sounds pretty sick to man.
Yeah thats what i got. their not really decals, their just stickers. I wasnt to impressed when they came in the mail, but they have held up all summer through rain mud and sand. So they are still worth it and they do look kinda cool, but their not decals. Still cheap though, $30 i think.
i'm too lazy to post another thread so i'll use this one. i have blue plastics i'm also wonderign what color i should paint it, i was thinking maybe yellow since its a unique color any ideas?
mine is orange right now with a crappy silver frame paint job both them are real sh*tty looking though im probably gonna sand everything down while im waiting for the motor and prime the frame really good and then paint it brilliant silver. im thinking about keeping the plastics orange just redoing them or i might make them black im not really sure. also there is the rattle can camilian/oil spill paint that would look real unique on it i havnt decided what i want yet
The only bad thing about painting plastics is that the paint cracks easily. If you fall off onto your fenders or roll it, the paint will crack. Black is a tough color to keep clean, and it scratches really easy, but mine was done with car paint and clear so it looks sick.
oh... have it chromed? might be a little pricey though. I wouldnt paint it black if you want it to stand out. Go with a candy red or an orange color.
nah, have it orange, a bright orange, i think the blue\orange looks good