What are you driving?

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May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
Pretty much made this to see what everyones one road beast is like, if you dont have one, but know a car you would like to have, show it here, right now i dont have any pics of my vehicles but i'll get them later

so heres mine, i have 1989 Chevrolet K1500 4X4 with 5.7L V-8 and 700-R4 automatic transmission, and i just gone done driving a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharged, but thats going down the road to make way for my new baby that'll be here friday, a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am MS MRE 5.0L V8, 4 Speed manual trans
I drive a 1990 camaro RS, did a motor swap from the sh*tty factory 3.1L to a nice 305small block performer V8, with oversized valves .500 lift rough idle cam, behive springs, flat top pistons, shaved heads, racing plug wires an plugs, high rise intake, 900CFM holley double pump carb 4 barrel, MSD ignition setup, cgrome valve cover, chrome cam chain cover, chrome oil dipstick tube, pioneer super tuner III head unit, pioneer 1000watt amp, 2 audiobahn 12's


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dont you think a 900CFM double pumper is a bit large for just a 305, even with your cam it seems kinda huge, im willing to guess you have a nice dead spot going from abput 1/2-3/4 throttle to floored
but all things aside its nice to know someone who likes the good o'l F Bodies, the Trans Am im getting kame factory with an aluminum intake, 4 bolt mains, a 600CFM Holley, urethane sway bar bushings, 4 wheel disc brakes, recaro seats (interesting styling) a 160+mph speedo and an 8000+ tach
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my brother's ride is a 94 or 95 black dodge avenger with tinted windows....
he actually owned a blue one but within the first couple of weeks he went into the ditch backwards trying to avoid a deer, and damn the axle was destroyed, frame twisted, stuck doors, shattered back window, smashed in trunk. my dad has a scottsdale truck and a older challenger with custom pipes

i don't have my lescience yet :( but my dad says he might sell me the challenger or the truck for cheap if i get good grades, and a job, i kinda want the truck for hauling my toy and driving it in some mud.
yes trucks are awesome, im not a fan of avengers at all, i dont like mitsubishi's, and the avenger is built around the eclipse platform, and lasers/talons/ and eclipse's are nothing but junk, but thats my opinion
my GTP was the tuner killer, there wasnt an elcipse or talon TSI that kould hang, it was the import eater, but now its getting over my head with the suspension finally wearing out so im going to a V8 mucle kar, thats my element, thats where i thrive, and i think ima try some twin-turbo-age
my bros car ain't riced out!!!! its just a good car!!! sorry i have too much caffine..... well avengers ain't junk. well either way if i buy my dads challenger or scottsdale he will still keep the car or truck i did not buy from him, so either way i could drive them with his permission.
i will admit, with avengers if you keep the maintenence up and the after market "performance parts" or hyped up death, away from them they are fine, but as soon as you "tune" them you "destroy" them, this argument komes up far too often around here and ive laughed at many kids broken down alongside the road with the afore mentioned kars, i get tired of singing this tune, so im done
ok im not going to tell you what to do K, but my uncle has worked at a GM dealership since before i was born, and i never believed him till i got my truck, but the best things you kan use for your GM Small block, are AC Delco/plugs/wires, borg-warner cap/rotor, and AC delco oil filters
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