what 250-300 should i get???


Mar 26, 2007
i am still keeping the blaster, i'm wondering what is a really good 250-300cc quad i should get? its gonna have to be a 4 stroke. i've been looking at an older trx 300ex with lots of parts, i'm planning on using it for trails and just fun, i will be racing my blaster. any ideas?
go for the 300ex, they are pretty good, but a 250r..they are nice..but they r kinda heavy imo.... :p I SAY THAT ABOUT EVERYTHING THO SO!!...ee
ive rode a 300ex before and i hated it. they are ok for jumping but for everything else it sucked
yah, i know they are fast, but they aren't as fun as something you can pull up any time you want...they are kinda heavy, but holy hell they are fast though.
Id get a warrior if you don't want the newer raptor. I'm gonna get a rator 700 in the spring new cause i want a little more power for the trails and the sand. But im keeping the blasters. Maybe ill sell 1, 3 blasters is to many lol
yea i am really fond of them, and if you can find them, lt250's are amazing
get a quadracer 250 if your worried about weight ther really fast my friend has one and yes can wheele whenever
250r are bad azz but they are 2 strokes u said u want a 4 stroke bump it up 100cc and get a 400ex awesome all around bike and unlimited aftermarket parts.If I was in the market 4 a new wheeler It would be a yzf450