We Need Help!


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Apr 12, 2007
We need your help! I have tried and tried to get advertising for BlasterForum.com but ATV sites wont accept us. The only way to advertise is word of mouth. You need to tell everyone you know about BlasterForum.com. Put the link to us in any signatures you have on other forums. Its the only way we will grow. I have been working hard to promote the site but I cant do it all by myself. Thanks!

PS: Members with lots of referrals might just recieve something special! :)
i talked to a couple of my friends they one cannot try join for know beacuse his computer is crashed my other friends said they will see if they might if they don't i will make them lol!
If it helps, your forum is doing better than my first. Mine was business related and I never had more than 4 members. Then I was overloaded removing spamming bot sign-ups.

I can see that your forum has more potential, and already, you have members. As long as this forum is helpful to people, they'll keep coming back and using it. This is where it all starts.
i'll put a link to your site in all my sigs in all who knows how many sites i'm on