wat the heck is ready filter?


Mar 26, 2007
i noticed a foam filter i have never seen before in my friends blaster , he says he got it off of the internet for 6 or 7 bucks does anybody know if the ready filters are any good?
I dont really know. Could you take a picture? As long as it flows good and traps dust and stuff, its a good filter.
Ya thats what I have in mine. They are decent filters.
really how good do they work? i could not tell when i rode my friends blaster becasue i only ride my blaster bacause mine is faster than his.
They are filters that come pre oiled so all you do is use it up, then throw it away.

It wont hold up to cleaning/re-oiling like a Uni.
Tell him to buy a K&N air filter and he'll never have to buy another filter. Also tell him to leave his airbox lid off he'll get a little better throttle response
I use both a K&N and a Ready Filter. I like them both as they seem to do their job as they they should. I hate farting around with foam filters and oil and have had good luck with the Ready Filter. The time I went to get one though they were out of stock and I bought a pre-oiled No-Toil. It took me getting a Ready Filter to realize that I was over-oiling my filters and now my Blaster runs better. I do use alot of filter grease as I am paranoid of dirt getting into my engine.
you don't need to throw the ready filter away once it is dirty just clean it and put new filter oil "Ready Filter" is just the Name because it is ready to be used right away no need to put filter oil I know sum guy's use them for races here because you can just swap it out quick.
which filters are better k&n or foam?(like uni or w/e foams ones there are in general)

K&N is good but I prefer foam filters because you can use the filter oil on it and is the best if you ride in dusty place's. The thing withe K&N is it lets a little bit to much dust in.

But every one has there own chouce and opinion.B)