warrior a arms and everything!


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Aug 14, 2007
if i buy warrior a arms shocks, spindles, brakes etc will they bolt right up?

how much longer are they than stock blaster sh*t?

if i use the warrior shocks will it raise the front or lower or keep the same?
No the warrior spindles and brakes will not bolt up..not sure on the shocks or a arms..its not worth it..warrior shocks probly blow just as much as the blasters ones do too
now a 400ex rear shock will work good on a blaster

Yes it will, But to instal it properly..it will take alittle modifying..It will not directly bolt up..but if you have a drill and some material for a new bearing collar..and some 14mm ID tube to make a spacer you will be all set..you can use washers if you wish..I chose to take that one a little further and fab my own, But i have the tools and skills to do so..If you do not..just buy enough washers ..I posted a link to a DIY from a different site on someones elses 400ex shock post..so check that out..