Very nice Blaster L@@K!, Nicest Blaster I've ever seen in person.


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Jul 27, 2007
Washington state
This has taken me over 2 years to do this. I paid $700.00 for the bike, Now Ive spent over $10,000 with upgrades. I still need a rear shock and front long travel shocks. After that the bike will be as tricked as it can get. Here is a list of parts.
106 octane minimum.
Trenga 240 nikelsil sleave.
balanced and blue printed transmission.
Race clutch.
long rod crank.
35mm Keihin Air Stryker Carb.
K&N external air cleaner.
Large petcock.
Hot wire coil.
LRD pipe and silencer.
Fly bars.
ASV break away levers.
AC front race bumper.
Outlaw Grab bar.
Nerf Bars.
Lone star +2 up 1 a arms.
custom +6 swing arm.
Custom banshee carrier.
banshee hubs.
Banshee front shocks.
Douglas wheels.
sand shark paddles and slicks.
Dominator +4 rear axle.
polished steering stem.
Hydraulic disc brakes all the way around.
DMP graphics.
15/38 sprockets.
There are a lot of other bolts and misc. stuff on this bike. Nothing was spared except the rear shock.
This bike flat out hauls ass. Way faster than a stock banshee.
The motor cost 3,600 to be built.
Motor dyno'ed at 41 hp to the rear wheel.
Let me know what you think.


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Yeah it is only rode in the dunes. But I have a set of itp hole shots that i can put on to ride dirt. The bike has only been rode memorial weekend 07. When my son gets old enough i'm going to have him race it. He is 8 now, so he is close. As of now the only up grade i can do is the rear shock and long travel front shocks. Everthing else is done.

Nice job, I think I have some competition here. Ive got close to 10,000 in my blaster as well. I dont have much that is left stock on my blaster anymore, with the exception of the headlight. Ill have to post some more pics of it. hey what part of WA, state R U in? I grew up there. What dunes do you ride?
dynoed at 41hp,that will beat a banshee with pipes and sh*t,and maybe a 250r.......
It will kill a 250r unless it has the a big bore kit, as for a piped banshee, I raced one and it was neck and neck but banshee's have a lot more low end torque because of the twin cylinders and they also have a different gearing in the transmission. My first thought after the dyno was that it would take a piped banshee easy, but that was not the case. For a blaster people were amazed and how damn snappy the little thing was though.
they are just jelouse that the blaster is one of the only 2 stroke quads from yamaha, the other one is the bigger brother banshee.
they always talk sh*t that a blaster will lose because they are small but, we always kick there 300-400cc quad so they are just jelouse they are trying to make u think you have one of the sh*ttest quads in history but the fact is they are really great!
yeah i love my blaster would'nt swap it for anything,my blaster did me prowd today i finally was game enough to try this massive hill so i went for it hitting it in 3rd all the way and next im on top of the hill cheering and all,it did me prowd,and another hill that my mates banshee kept on getting stuck i sh*tted the hill up,made it a piece of cake.......cheers
I didn't really have the money to do this. One day i went to the garage and said I need to pull this blaster apart and replace every bearing and seal in the suspension. Well when I got to replacing the seals on the front of the bike i noticed that the boots were torn on the upper and lower ball joint and the joint itself was sloppy. Well you cant replace the ball joint without replacing the whole a-arm. So i got to looking and just for stock a-arms it was around $500 and after market lone stars were not much more on ebay. So i bought the lone star +2 and put them on. Now the new a-arms were looking sweet and the rest of the bike was looking like sh*t. LOL. The +2 a-arms stuck out so far the rear end looked stupid so now i needed a rear axle, and so on, and so on, and so on. Started as a cheap project and got real expensive. I didn't think i would ever finish it. I would buy one part at a time and then let it sit until i got some more money together. This thing sat in the garage for over 2 years and didn't move or go any where. It was not money I had but time to be patient and let it sit.
Moses lake hu. Nice, Ive been there 1 time. Only a short while though. I grew up in Eatonville, Wa. My father and I use to drive down to the Oregon Dunes for a extended weekend every year until I had knee reconstruction.

Curently I live in Nor Cal. by San Fran. But travel to Pismo Dunes as much as I can. oh yea and my grand parents live in Moses lake.
That thing is nice but im just saying would it make more sense to buy a banshee and put that much money into it?
Not that's "The sh*t". If my Blaster looked like yours I think I would actually care about it.... :)