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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
what is the highest bore you should run off of pump gas (93octane)..cuz i might go a little more for my bore when i go to rebuild it..and i wanna know if i would have to run f*ckin race gas for .070 over, i just wana be sure
the bore dosent affect gas, if you mill your head like .045mm you will need race gas but the bore is the size of the cylinder so no, go nuts no probleme!!
For those that don't..

It's the compression that requires higher octane gas with this type of motor.
Shaving the head increases the compression.

yeah, i kinda figured that, but i didn't wanna do anything w/o being sure, ive had a big messes doing things w/o being sure b4 lol
Cool. I should put a blaster engine in a red wagon and make a plane. Should be a deathly experience. The thing i actually want to do with a blaster engine is put it in a lawn mower. That would be sick, lol
he means putting a blaster engien into a lawnmower so it will go Reeeaallly fast, like the sport of lawnmower racing
Yeah my friend has a 600 motorcycle engine in a lawn mower. I have an extra frame and a bunch of engine parts so i want to put something crazy together.
i'm working on a hillbilly mower in small engines at school, gettign the flywheel lightened, bigger bore, getting better valves, souping the carbreator etc.
ill test your plane idea for you!

and my friend and i bought a blown up raptor 660R motor and both threw the money into have it rebuilt, and we are putting it in a riding lawnmower and lightening the frame and sh*t up, and we're gunna make a badass lawnmower, pics when we finish, prob wont b a while yet tho...lots of welding to do, and cutting...yes..cutting..

and we gunna put a wheely bar on it and go flying down the road, and if that works, we have an old artic cat snomobile motor in the shed we're gunna make drag racing lawnmowers and fly into town and see what peepz do
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