I really want to race quads and I want to keep my blaster, I really like TT and I want to do TT but are blasters good for it? ANyone who does race TT please tell me what you think? willl need motor work done...but, if when you have alll of your internal motor stuff say, it'd probably be Great for it
Yea he needs some internal motor work or else he's gonna be the slowest one out there, Lol blasters really aren't that slow even when they are stock but the pipe an porting really wakes up the beast
low and wide is the name of that game and it all boils straight down to setup and tuning, stiff shocks, fat tires with a low pro and anti-sway bars are the way to go

as for the porting im sure you kould get a flat track specific port job, maybe a full on MX port would work tho
Cochise thanks for making that last comment fun to read and informational. lol How much would it be to get it ported. Are you anywhere near NewJersey
OK so the whole TT thing, Anyone that actually races TT with a blaster, can you tell me the parts and engine stuff you added/changed. If you can remember prices it helps. Thank you 01blaster freak and dirtyblaster