Trans lube questions



Does it make a big difference what kind of lubrication I use in the gear box? Ive heard that 30weight gear oil and sae 30 motor oil will work the same. I actually talked to a guy that has a big warrior or somethin and used sae30 motor oil in his gear box and it has worked fine. And how bout the level? I was gonna go by the level site but i saw on that one sight for the block off kit that you only put .70 of a quart? I dont wanna hear what you heard I wanna know exactly what you guys do! thanks
If you go by the manual it says to use 10w-30. It says on the side how much..I think its 650ml which is close to 3/4 of a quart. I havent changed mine since I bought it..(3 weeks ago) but im going to get the yamalube4 10w-30
Motorcycle oil is different than regular automotive engine oil so yes, there is a difference. Make sure you use a 30w motorcycle oil per the recommendation of Yamaha. I usually run Yamalube 30w in the trans case and Yamalube injector oil in the injection tank. It's 7 years old, no rebuilds, and still beats every stock blaster around here (mine's stock too) so I can't complain about using Yamalube. It must be doing something right.
well how do u measure the amount of lube oil you put in becuz i read the case but what in hell do i use to measure it?
Make sure the oil you use has one of these quotes written on the side.
1. "Wet clutch compatible (or safe)
2. Contains no friction modifiers
3. Motorcycle safe

Most synthetic oils today contain friction modifiers due to increased emissions demands. Those modifiers cause your clutch to slip and essentially burn it up faster.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

I use amsoil 0w40 in the crankcase of my bike and my quad.
I run carquest 10w30 in mine. As long as it is safe for the clutch. I just spend the big money on the fuel/oil mix, since thats what protects your engine, not the stuff in the trans
I use the transoil for gearbox from Motul

ditto, its - suppose to be the best, Ive heard this in direct conversations from a few owners of reputable high performance shops, 3 to be exact. So that is what I do I run Motul transoil.
yea i just started runnin it and holyshit it kicks ass, funny story i thought my window was empty, after i added a little trans oil the whole window looked like it was fogged with mud, so i decided to drain the old transoil and poof it turned out that the old transoil needed to be drianed. it turned out that the shop i took it too never drained the old transoil or put new stuff in. the only thing i lost was some motul transoil that i put in the old crap. but ohhh well after i drianed it, i refilled it with fresh motul transoil, and damn my gears were doing better.
ohh before i even drained it i never started it up becuz i had a feeling something was wrong and then i finally found the problem. i'm a little pissed at myself for not drianing the old stuff out, becuz when i got the old stuff out it was in bad condition, almost pitch black.
anyone ever try royal purple in either the trans or for injector oil? i know they make an oil specifically for injection. do you think royalpurple would make the clutch slip?