Trailers or Truck Beds?

throw it on the truck because the wooden planks in the trailer are rotten right now so we wouldn't want it to fall through would we?
Throw it in the truck. Cant load it by myself anymore. Damn +2+1 arms :-/

Once im done with medic school im gunna get a full sized truck with a trailer. The new sierra is looking nice. 5.3 liter 305hp and still gets 17-20mpg.
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do know that u can drive ur fourwheeler into the back of the truck? you can lift the front wheel to get it over that bump but strap it tight! so it does not leap.
Just back up to a hill to load.. and ride it on in there.

But i put mine in the van, we have this old Sherrod Conversion van we use for reeinacting... So the blaster doesnt hurt anything, and it sits low enough that i can load the bike in the side doors by myself. Fits perfectly
Trailer here. 4x8 jobbie from Harbor Frieght. The thing is awsome. And yes, the Rex loves pulling it :)
I put them anywhere I can fit them. Usually one in the back of my van, and 2 on the trailer, but if I really need to I can take the back seat out of the van and fit 2 inside it and just pile all of our gear beside and on top of the quads. That van gets loaded down so much for the trips it's just ridiculous sometimes.
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I only ride around here. When I have to take it in, I stick it in the neighbors truck -- a little Ford Ranger :)
just toss it the bed......or strap it to the top of ur this guy


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So that's what the trunk is for...LOL awesome. I use my trailer when It's going to be more than me...I don't like sh*t in my truck.


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