trade or sell blaster parts


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May 11, 2007
Lookin to trade some blaster parts for banshee parts or sell, this is what i have......

Blaster front fenders (black) good shape not broken
Keyswitch with key works great
blaster headlight with brand new bulb an mounting braket
blaster swingarm has to small holes drilled in it
stock front bumper with that plastic peice
05 wiring harness with CDI box
1 brand new rear shock (silver spring)
1 used shock great shape (yellow spring)
hydraulic rear caliper
mechanical rear caliper
02 an below blaster hood (black)
gas tank
swingarm skid plate
gas tank cover (black)

like i said looking to sell this stuff or trade for banshee parts.
is the wiring harness the same for all years andhow mutch for each rear shock?
Yes the wiring harness will work on all years. 30 shipped for the used shock an 50 shipped for the new shock. Sound fair? seeing how i had to pay 30 for a busted shock for my warrior once. Lol Both shocks in great shape.

i can get pics at anytime so if you want pics let me know.
is the wiring harness the same for all years andhow mutch for each rear shock?

Actually, most of the wiring harness will work for all years. The Ignition coil has a different resistance in certain models. Im not sure which years though, Im sorry.
some people will say the ignition coil is not part of the wiring harness, if thats how you want to look at it then they are all the same. :)
I'm just going by what many people have told me, that it would work. So yea ive never tried it though.

oh no dont get me wrong, The wiring harness will work.

Just make sure that the Ignition coil (which attatches to the spark plug) Is from the same year the stator is from.
howmuch for the mechanical rear brake mine dont work ive cleaned it n still it dont do anything
25 shipped it had no pads when i pulled it off my bike but i looked at everything an i can press in on the inner parts where the pads sit so it's not froze up, so it should work. It also comes with the mounting bracket.

How much for the hydrolic rear caliper? Do you have the fluid resivor and the brake pedal? Is the swing arm skid plate after market? If so how much?