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Apr 4, 2007
Ok well i just picked up my blaster today, it has a full exhaust and a "big bore kit" but the guy didnt know what size...

But... 1st gear seemed to wind out really quick, i mean it seemed to hit a brick wall as far as revs go... Maybe its just me but can someone explain the TORS system?? Im under the impression if it is messed up it kicks in a early rev limiter, could i be hitting that?? It just seems like the bike is pulling hard as hell, then BAM.. no more, shift, and it goes fine. I just think it should rev a lil higher
Are the other gears fine? Do they rev higher? Maybe your first gear is just really short. i dont know though
yea i only got into 3rd and ran out of road... im gunna get it back out tomorrow, tonight im gunna put some copper RTV on the exhaust gasket cus its leaking there. It could have just been me
The Blaster doesn't have much power and it is natural for the first gear to "hit a brick wall." I only use first gear when going slow and up rocky terrains or any terrain that requires a lower gear. The Blaster should do much better in 2 and 3...
If the TORS was messed up, you wouldn't even get half the revs you say you are getting. It would barely move, or cut out completely at WOT.

Block it off anyway! lol