Toomey b1


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Nov 11, 2007
anyone know where i can get a Toomey B1 kit for $300 down? thanks.
Also, how much will this improve my blaster whitch is mostly stock.
Your not getting a Toomey B1 kit for under 300 brand new..Just not gonna happen...If you want it bad enough pay the 360 for can probly get a full FMF system for 300 new. You gotta pay to play

I've been on a quest for parts and Solo has it right. You gotta pay to play. There is a limit on stuff, whether used or new it costs what it costs. Belly up and go for it. Ain't no real deals.

As for performance, know what you want.

well thats an obvious one, go look on ebay but it "is" used, if i remember correctly he said "Your not getting a Toomey B1 kit for under 300 brand new"
which im sure your getting just the pipe, you also need some jetting done, im guessing you will find that on ebay, a 310 they say is perfect with the toomey
the entire toomey b1 kit for $250 + 15 shipping. it has everything w/ it and its brand new so. thanks anyway
sweet, i bot the steel finish one and regreted it. it looks like sh*t not because i got a little wild and put it on without gloves and the oil from my hands made the bare metal start rusting