Took out the axle bearings today....


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
They were unbelieveable. It was like pulling out a dis of rust. I cant believe they there that bad on a 2002 quad. It took 1/2 a can of wd40 and about 15 minutes of beating them with a hammer. It was bad...
Dang, on an 02? Got any pictures. Has is been rode excessivly hard or left outside? My warrior had a good amount of hours and when i changed mine it still had grease on them the bearing were just beat.
I cleaned the carrier up quite a bit but the spacer and bearings are shot...



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Hmm... water got in there somehow. I'd figure out what's going on with that before it gets put back together. It's worthwhile to install a grease fitting in the carrier too. I did that with my warrior, and pumped the whole carrier full of heavy duty industrial lithium grease. There is actually constant pressure inside it from the grease, so it guarantees that water will never work it's way in, and the bearings will constantly be lubricated good. Maybe overkill, but that was the 2nd time I had to replace the bearings, so I made damn sure I won't have to do it again for quite a while.
I considered doing the same thing with the shee. Greese nipples are cheap and so is grease. It would be cheaper than a bearing kit I think...