Tie Rods question



so i had my firts trail ride yesterday with the 06 blaster and at the end of our run we cliped a tree coming through a narrow pass up a step hill me and the other rider i was with both hit the tree but i was the only one to break anything.

i broke my tie rod on the left side, i have looked online and found some nice honda style chromoly replacements that are "stronger than original" but they are also pricey so i was looking for a quick fix when i found used tie rods from a 93' blaster. my blaster is and 06' will the 93' tie rods fit mine and dose anyone else have any advice or suggestions.


i know this may seem a bit "un-orthadox" but have you tried bashing them into place; or is there a "kink" in the rod? i've bent me many a tire rod before, and i've only ever had to replace one of them.
Did you break the tie rod, or tie rod end? I used to go through tie rod ends pretty quick on my warrior from getting hung up on ruts, clipping trees, etc.

What brand of honda-style rods were you looking at? If they're Tusk, stay away. That's what I replaced my stock ones with, and like all other tusk products, you guessed it, they suck. They have less travel than the stock ends, so they were binding up on me whent the suspension was at full droop. The rubber boots that are SUPPOSED to hold the grease in all split in the cold weather, and instead of holding the grease in, they just hold the dirt and water in now. If you decide to go to an aftermarket setup, check out ebay. I ordered a set from xrs racing, which uses a setup somewhat similar in design to stock so you won't have any complications, but the rods are made of stronger materials, and you can get them in a 12mm thread (stock is 10mm, if you go for an aftermarket setup like this, definitely spend the extra few bucks for the bigger ones, it's a lot stronger). Switch to a kit like this, and you'll probably never break one again. (unless you try really really hard and break every other part of your quad in the process)
i use tusk clutch plates and they work great.....i havent had a problem with them...adn there cheap...so u get a year out of a $30 clutch plates i think its a good deal....but thats the oinly thing tusk i've used
01blaster_freak how much do you want for them? i found a set off a 93 for $20 what were you thinking?

interesting fact about the tusk tie rods they looked appealing sorry to hear otherwise.

i broke my tie rod end i severed the threads inside the rod itself so i think i have to replace the whole thing but maybe i could get the pice out and just replace the end.

anyways o1blaster freak hit me up about the tie rods thanks