Thinking of building a bunch of leak testers and selling


Built not bought
Feb 10, 2012
As the title says, anybody interested? I know slick used to sell them. Probably would be around 40 shipped. If there is enough interest I will start making them.
Sweet. Well somebody needs too. This should be everybody's first mod! I bought one from slick and I use it a lot. I'm going to get more pieces soon so I can use it on the free shee.
i did indeed already buy 10 gauges, and have parts coming to complete them, but this ain't no monopoly, and anyone who feels like making them should indeed do so.
i'm sure as many as we can make will eventually sale.
the problem is advertising them for sale.
listing multiple items for sale on here is considered a commercial endeavor and only permitted by "sponsoring" members on here, not supporting members.
we'll have to rely on word of mouth, as i do with my gsxr brake systems, or the kicker springs/balls i have on ebay, because i can't put them in the for sale section here, which costs everyone more $ in paypal and ebay fees.......X(
I just wanted them to be available again. I always here "A member used to sell them." As long as somebody is making them I'm happy. It's cheap insurance and every member should have one. You ask somebody to do a leak down test and their first answer is "I dont have one, where do I get one?"