Apr 30, 2017
Just got a call from my brother that my 2000 Yamaha Blaster was stolen from my dad's storage locker around OSAKIS, MN. Happened within the last few days because they hadn't been over there in a bit. The padlock was cut from the door.

I could've sworn I posted a picture on here when I got it of the VIN. I've had several phones since 2017 and can't seem to find my picture of the VIN. I did have it titled and licensed within the state of Minnesota.

I guess I never took pictures with the body on it...


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Dang sorry to read this, hopefully it shows up locally because typical thieves are dumb, Hope you get it back man, the first blaster I purchased was a 00 same stickers.

Unfortunately we do not know when this happened, other within the last week. My dad was over there earlier in the week. Unfortunately this area has a lot of meth users, so theft is quite high, more so within the last year.
That sucks
They have surveillance cameras there?
Nope. The guy claims not to have the money to get one installed, even though he has the money to expand the storage facility for several more lockers. Nor is it in a fenced and gated area.
Still missing, however...with Samsung ditching their cloud service, I ended up getting a metric crap load of old pictures that I thought I had deleted or were on my old phone. Ended up with several pictures of the quad, one of which being a crystal clear picture of the VIN! Fat load of good it'll do for me but maybe it'll help.