Spark plug life span on a 2 stroke?



How often do you guys change your spark plugs on your 2 strokes??
i use an NGK iridium br8eix plug they last for a long time, i usually replace them every 10-20 races if i'm just riding normally i replace them about 3-9 months
I don't have to change that often. When running full synthetic at the right mix, I don't have near the problems fouling as I used to with old skool petrol base oils.

I'm no expert on resistor plugs, TJ can probably give some insight, but I think it has to do with the electric pulse and frequency....something about less interference with electronic systems that run in conjunction with engines. and less engine noise or "whine" in your amplified stereo for example.
I forgot to mention, the BR8ES is a resistor plug whereas the B8ES is not. No difference in performance or temperature.
check my post #12...I'm no expert, but I wrote there all I know about them. I see more resistor plugs in auto applications
Tried to start the bike today after sitting for 1.5 weeks and it wouldnt fire..I sprayed gum out in the carb 3 times and kicked it and it only started for a second then died... So i stoped dicken around and changed the plug..and sure enough she fired rite up..and idled like a champ..I only went riding 3 times and probly a tottal of 8-10hrs.. I run a pre mix of 32:1..ohwell..atleast shes running good again for now..