something wrong with my front wheels or brakes!



i took my blaster out today just around the yard and then i was going around 20mph then hit the front brake and this loud creeking sound came from the front brake area. I wasnt sure if had something to do with the motor so i rode it down my hill in neutral with the engine shutoff, hit the front brake, and the same thing happend! Idk whats wrong but someone might.

hmm, maybe your lines that connect with the lever need some greasing, or your brake pads are getting low, check your break fluid though
yea i think it something got messed up yesterday when it fell out of the back of my pickup bed. How do i check my brake fluid? is there a guide or somthing.
You have a little reservoir on the handlebars, make sure the top of this reservoir is level then check if the fluid level is under the "lower" mark in the little window on the side of the reservoir. If it is, add some fluid, recommended is Dot4 or better.
it only does it when i go over like 20mph. ill try changing break fluid. but when i spin both tires the left tire spins longer than the right. the cable might be pulling the right brake or somthing. idk
ohh, maybe your bearings might be doing that but its more likely brakes or brake fluid. by your brake front brake lever there is a metal box like figure with two screws on top, take them out remove the cap, if the brake fluid looks dirty colored you might be due for a change, get paper towels and use them to soak the old brake fluid out of the box wipe it clean and pour new brake fluid in, leave the cap off squeeze the lever a couple times or until you stop seeing tiny bubbles come from the bottom of the box

the pics are what my brake fluid looked like before and after ic hanged the brake fluid

before after

your brake fluid that you put in might now be as clear as my brake fluid becuz mine is hi tech
Im not sure what this is but i took a pic of it and cleaned it out

did all blaster have brake fluid. idont think mine does, its a 2002. Im pretty sure theres not a box on top of the handle bars.
and yea its grease but i think theres to much. ( i bought my blaster used like 2 months ago so i didnt grease that)
sorry my bad, no the 2002 blasters have drum brakes so there is no brake fluid just check your levers, cables
well i cleaned out the throttle splitter thing and then i think my friend was messing with the cable tightners on the brake and they were uneven on both sides so i evened those.