Some more Blaster won't start???



Just got my kid a 1988 blaster that is not running. The guy I got it from said it was running bad one day and they had to pull it behind another rig to get it started and then never did anything with it for a year. Now it's my problem I:I So tonight I put new fuel in it, new plug and kicked the CRAP out of it. I did a compression check and did not do it with the throttle on and it had 120 psi with 6-8 kicks. I checked the spark and it seemed weak but not sure. Sprayed starting fluid in it and nothing. It has fuel in the carb bowl. Anything else I should look at. I have been searching and not found really anthing else. Thanks
not enough compression to start, my buddies YZ125 is in the same boat, the cylinder is failry smooth, but you kan look at it and see its out of round from the way the light reflects, so a topend rebuild, is what i recommend
We thought electrical too, but you think coil or maybe stator?? Where would be the best place to get a coil?? I will check the reeds also. Thanks
you can get individual coils @

but if that thing has been sitting for a year, they can be real hard to start. Keep trying, dont give up. One trick that sometimes helps out is putting it in gear and rocking the quad back and forth. then put it in Neutral and try kicking it over again. Once you get this thing started, you should be good. But over all if you said its a weak spark it might just be your ignition coil or the carge/pulser coil in the stator assembly.

If you have a electrical multi testor you can test these componets just follow the directions in the repair manual (if you dont have one get one)
OK this sucks, I just replaced the coil, cdi and spark plug wire cap. STILL nothing. I took the reed cage out and noticed one of the little flaps was raised up off the the larger flap, so I took it off and noticed it had a little crack right were the metal tab bolts down, so for this minute I put a small washer under the metal tab to hold down the reed. STILL nothing, next it to try and pull start it.
Yes pull start it an see what happens one of my 05 blasters i owned always had to be pull started for some reason it wouldn't start by the kickstart which makes me think it's jetting issues
We had to push start my freinds 250ex cuzz his battery was dead he had an auto clutch so he had to hold up the shifter when I was pushing him. I dont know if its the same or different with a normal clutch. I think you just have to hold in the clutch while your being pulled but I dont know.
SO I got it running. Pulled behind the truck in first gear. runs ruff and won't idle but in do time. WOHO
what coil did you replace?

what ever you did with that washer in the reed cage is probablly messin up your idle.
what coil did you replace?

what ever you did with that washer in the reed cage is probablly messin up your idle.
I replaced the ingnition coil and the CDI. I am getting new reeds soon, then I'll check for other problems(dirty carb jets etc.)

#3 is the charge coil. Is this the one you mean?? Wouldn't it be better to just replace the whole stator from Ricky stator for $125????
yep. and yes. but if you R on a budget I think that coil is like $45. Id go for the Ricky stator myself. Matter of fact thats on my list for the next purchase for my blaster.