Search Problem


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Apr 12, 2007
If you havent noticed we have a problem with the forum search engine. I am working to fix it now however it may take a few days. The search error is a bug in the vBulletin 3.6.5 software. Please do not use the search system until futher notice. It wont cause any harm if you do, but it will send me an email everytime someone does, and I already get enough junk email lol.

Nope thats not fun. I see people are still searching and sending me over 20 emails a day and im about ready to ban the people that are searching lol. Remember that when you search and it gives an error, your username is recorded and sent to me saying you searched and there was an error. lol :)
How long can this seriously take, man? How did it get messed up in the first place, bad install?
It was a bug in the initial version of vBulletin. I contacted the support staff at vbulletin and they told me to add a line of code to the database however it doesnt work since the search part of the database is messed up. I will have add it but I dont know how some im looking for someone. Sorry for the problem.