Salvage Sale!



My friend ran his 03 blaster out of tranny fluid and fried the tranny:( . I have a cylinder head, a cylinder with a chipped cooling fin and a clutch cover. its pretty misc. stuff but my friend is cheap and is trying to make a few bucks to pay for another motor. if you have an intrest make me an offerI:I Thanks!
how much would you be willing to pay

Seems like your tryn to get over on this guy..Why dont you give him a price..and work something out..instead of playing games.. How are you gona make a FS thread..and then jerk the chain..
sorry, that was deffinitely not my intention, im not sure of its worth and am selling it for a friend, sorry if i offended you, does $100 for the entire top end sound reasonable?
Are there anything wrong with the engine cases? Are they for sale?