Ryan's Anodizing


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Mar 13, 2013
I run a small parts Professional Type II anodizing shop down here in Florida. I can anodize pieces up to 22" Long x 10" Wide x 16" Tall.

- Professional Anodizing at a reasonable price
- Anodize most types of Aluminum 1xxx-7xxx series, no cast.
- Polishing available
- Quick-turnaround
- No Rush fees

For more information about my business including available colors, contact info, and a picture gallery of parts check out: http://zanodize.com

Check out http://www.blasterforum.com/do-yourself-20/anodizing-parts-54300/index4.html to see a few pieces I anodized red for Awk08.
i'll add to this.
my experience with Ryan was nothing short of amazing, he stayed in constant contact with me, called a few times to confirm things, and had my parts back in the mail to me within 2 days of receiving them.
this is as professional as it comes !
the pics of his work below speak for themselves.....

i sent him these:

within a week, i had these:



i already have a few more pieces in mind that will be headed to Ryan asap.

I can anodize pieces up to 22" Long x 10" Wide x 16" Tall.

hmmmm, wonder of my CFM airbox will fit in that tank ??
i'll be measuring it next time i'm down the shop.