Running worse after tune up! HELP!!



Alright I cleaned out the carb and installed my oil injection eliminator kit and its running worse now. Its idle is rough, which can probably be fixed by the idle jet but its pouring out white smoke out the exhaust. I went with the 32:1 ratio. Whats the deal????
it idles fine now, but the engine is noisey now!!!!!! RAN perfect before I did all this routine stuff! WTF?
getting better!! I think it was the carb cleaner workin its way out. The engine is still noisey! I mean, noisier than before. Any ideas?
Thanks for the help. Will it make a difference this tank? Its running better now. i think it was the cleaner burning off the inside of the carb.
With that tank of gas i would mix in 50:1

01Blaster-freak, Where do you get your info on running 50:1 I personally am questioning your ratio's that you reccomend here. If he is running mostly stock equipment Im not sure 50:1 is a good bet. If I remember correctly you runn the 44:1 with alot of mods, and you had a shop reccomended you do that (which is good, since they reccomended).

here is some info from Trenga

(see # 12 - 14 specifically)
AHHH I have no idea what is happening now!!!!! When its in nuetral or i have the clutch pulled it revs high and perfect! but as soon as i put it in gear adn try to take off it puts along and bogs down, it almost seems like I have a speed limiter on it! It never did this b4 i did the tune up on the carb and installed my own fabricated oil injection block off. It has no ass in second or third either, only first gear I get off to a little start- revs come up, and it stays almost like its got a rev limiter on it. Could something I did Have screwed up the TORS???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!