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Aug 7, 2007
has anyone had their blaster or other start up and all you have is reverse
in all gears what went wrong.............???
I had a dirtbike do that to me once. when i kicked it, it kicked back on me an it kicked back so hard that it fired up the opposite way it was supposed to. An i didn't know an when i put it in first gear an was ready to take off all a sudden i go backwards, Lol It's very rare for it to happen.
HAHA what the hell? Never had that happen. Blaster's I swear are giant f**k ups but I love mine.
Nah man blasters are about the most popular bike out because you can do anything with them! what can you not make your blaster!? there great for drag, MX, Yard play, first quad, flat's endless possibilites