repaint rims or buy new ones

your stock rims have baked on paint, so even if you paint your old rims the paint still could come off so i would say aftermarket.
I would get after market if you have the money
I'm a big eBay fan!
Search "Blaster Rims" on eBay. You can get a great deal and a lot of them include tires as well :)
yeah new rims are great if you can spring for them, and they lighten your ride alot, less weight=more speed, but i spent all my $$$ on moter and frame for right now, so this is what i did, sand the rims, paint your color, apply the decals and then clearcoat the hell outta 'em, i did 4 coats, yeah they'll chip around the edges, eventually, but by then i'll have itp's or douglasses