Removing stock swingarm



I cannot get the front bolt out. Any suggestions? I am thinking of using a torch to heat the swingarm.
Keep trying. Make sure the shock is out when you try to pull the front bolt it makes it easier. If all else fails use a rod, screw driver, or punch and pound it out. When stuff gets rusted and corroded you have to beat em out.
tried everything. Gear pullers did not even budge the bolt. Any more suggestions? thank you.
Are you talking about the big bolt that goes through the side of the frame and through the center of the transmission? If so loosen the bolts from the engine and then pry the engine up and then try to remove the bolt. the bolt could be ceased in the center where it goes through the transmission.
thank you. I thought of loosening the bolt at the very bottom, which is attached to the frame, but I do not want to take apart anything i do not have to.

I can't imagine having a dealer do the work. They wanted to charge me 500 to replace the swingarm and axle. I changed the axle in 10 minutes. I can brake the swingarm down to the front bolt in 15 minutes. 500 bucks is a lot of money for 30 minutes worth of work.
What are you doing to the bike. Let me know every part being removed and every part being put on and why. Might be able to give you some pointers on conversions you could do for cheap.
As of now, I just put in a G-FORCE adjustable axle. I have a +4 swing arm, but i cannot get the front bolt out of the stock swingarm. My next plan is to put a banshee rear shock in (I am 6-2, 230 lbs). I do not really jump anything that puts me more than 2 feet in the air. I trail ride in FL.

After these issues are taken care of, I am going to upgrade the exhaust, reed valves, etc.

This is my plan. I thought about just getting a bigger fourwheeler, but i like the blaster. It is cheap, lite and a simple machine. Plus I love 2 strokes.