reed spacer


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Jul 31, 2007
do reed spacers make a noticable difference and does it make a difference if you go infornt of and behind the reed cage?
When I installed mine I rebuilt my carb too. I noticed a HUGE difference. That could have been either. I will say that for 20 bucks I would do this mod. Let me make sure I word this correctly. It spaces the reed cage away from your crankcase.
I don't really know how a reed spacer improves performance.. maybe some1 else does? as there already is gas in your head waiting to be burnt each cycle.. i dono how that little spacer can help much? Maybe im thinkin about it the rong way tho?

Bottom end, I had smoother throttle response too. I cannot garuntee that u will get the same results because I rebuilt my carb too. No Rejet either. I cannot explain how it works but I can quote "reed spacer increases bottom-end power and throttle response. By allowing fuel to atomize better before it enters the intake port, power comes on stronger and smoother for a more rideable bike...."
I made a 15mm reed spacer and in stock performance is NO difference to feel. It's a needful thing if u ride a bigger carb, so the carb can better be built in.