rebuilt blaster today. started second kick!



picked up my first blaster for $300. kid smoked the top end. got a repair manual and had the jug bored and trail ported. I intsalled a oil block off. buddy gave me a fmf fatty and powercore. cleaned the carb and installed a 270 main and put the thing back together today. to my suprise it started second kick! i didnt drive it, just started it and adjusted the idle. 2 questions: #1: does the fmf fatty pipe have a coupler between the pipe and sclincer? #2 is 32:1 an ok oil ratio? thanks!
we just rebuilt my blaster top end and have the same upgrades as you and i run 50:1 and it started on the first kick and now 2 months later still starts first -second kick everytime. congrats on the rebuild and good deal on the 300 dollar blaster!