rear shock



well im getting the 2in swingarm extenders and also need to replace my rear shock its bad . but i need to be cheap on a replacement for now. what ones will work on the blaster besides the stock one . like will a banshee fit or are they too long . thanks matt I:I
Ok well with the warrior shock the top shock mount holes an the bushing in the warrior shock takes 2 diff size bolts

Ok well i took a bushing from a shock linkage on a 00 xr100 an i grinded down around the outside till that fit snug in the top shock mount holes.

After that i cut 2 small peices off that bushing that i grinded down an i taped them in the top shock mount holes

The xr100 bushing hole an the bushing in the warrior shock have the same bolt hole size, well i took a part way up threaded bolt an some washers that was kinda loose on the bolt an i added like 2 inbetween each side an slid the bolt through an tightend it down

The bottom of the warrior shock an the shock mount hole on the blaster swingarm are the same size, once again i took a part way threaded bolt (only threaded on the end) an some washers an added them to that an tightend it down with a locknut

The bottom will need more washers on each side then the top will.

I mounted the ressy right between the frame an the airbox on the exhaust side with some large hose clamps, trust me zip ties won't work (experience)
I do know the front banshee shocks will fit the front as far as the rear i'm not sure about, but you most likely could mount it on.
Yea mount a warrior rear shock up like i did, i put the steps of how i did it on here. the reason you will have to cut the airbox is because of the ressy.
Pretty much, That's why i did not like the idea of mounting a 400EX shock i knew there was other shocks that i could custom fit. Now you can get the 400ex shock mount it up due away with the air box an run a clamp on, but if you do wet or muddy riding it's worthless, i found it the warrior shock was the best way to go you still have a ressy an it's adjustable the shock is way better then stock an there is no cutting the airbox.
skauch if your shock seems bouncy to ya the rear stock blaster shock is ajustible so uc an make them harder or softer.