rear shock



well im getting the 2in swingarm extenders and also need to replace my rear shock its bad . but i need to be cheap on a replacement for now. what ones will work on the blaster besides the stock one . like will a banshee fit or are they too long . thanks matt I:I
I've heard of people mounting 400ex Rear shocks right up, but am not positive if it works but u can get them relatively cheap of off EBay. I also have heard of people mounting 250r Rear shocks but again I dont know for sure but am sure it only works for certain years given the resovoir line for the shock is different lenghts given the year on the 250r.

I am in the same boat as u right now. A Works Quadstar would be nice but I really dont have the $570+ to shell out for it.
Not sure if your interested but i have 2 rear blaster shocks you can buy one if you want, one of them is brand new with silver spring the other is in great shape with yellow spring.
hey ive got a 400EX shock i'll sell ya......i was gonna put it on mine but im just gonna wait and get either works or elkas......its ur $60 shipped let me know