rear axle problem


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Sep 17, 2007
upstate new york
i have a 04 rear axle/swing arm bearings went bad so i went and bought some new ones.
i jacked the boke up, took the tires off, hub on left the chain the hub off, then took off the two 1" 7/8 locking nuts off the axle.. I have done every thing right to the best of my knowledge..
i have tiped the bike on its side iwith a support in under the swing arm, put a deep socket on the end of the axle to protect the threads and no matter how hard i beat on that axle i cannot get it out, it seems to be seized in the carier hub..i have hit it so hard that i have started to mess up the groves for the hub, now i will have to do some file work on them to straten em out...
please do i get this seized axle out of my bike ?
We slip a piece of heavy walled pipe over the end of the axle to protect the splines then get the largest sledge we have and go to town. If that doesn't work, we remove the carrier from the swingarm and torch the bearings sowe can remove the axle then go and clean up things left behind.

They can be a problem.
yeeeaaaa..!!! thanx, i know what i have to do i guess... It just scares me sooo much ta beat on this axle like that, i just know in the back of my head im gonna be investing in that +4 axle after this little job i got myself into !!!!!
As long as you get something to rest against the shoulder of the axle, same place where the hub sets against, fear not and swing away.
I took both rear wheels/hubs and bearing carrier and axle off completly.

Then I took the rotor clips off of the boot.

Once I did that, I put the left hub (as your sitting on the quad) back on with a big washer (as a spacer) and its castle nut (so your not pounding on the axle itself).

Then I placed a peice of wood (2x4) on the ground, grabbed ahold of just the bearing carrier with both hands. And slamed the Left side castle nut down into the 2x4

worked after 2 hard slams.