i just got a 99 blaster (grew up riding blaster but last 12 years could not have one due to money, kids, work). i have been going too track to watch my 8 year old brother race his 80. now i want to race too brake my kids into it (4,5,6) and good way to spend time with brother. my question is my blaster is going to be setup fairly good and i'm a great rider. i'm 30 years old now. i dont know if its going to be fair to race this machine against a bunch of kids. should i save up and try to get a bigger quad to race bigger class. or would this be fair to race. i'm 6' 2" 160 lb so this quad fits my skinny ass real well. it is setup with alot of power. not as fast as others i've rode but makes me happy. (i think it has just as much power as mod banchees ive been riding) also i feel safer on it than these heaver quads. (when i was 14 i flipped my blaster into a brier patch with me under it. i kicked it off me. did samething same spot same batch two days later with my buddys maxed out banchee. i couldnt get it off me for anything. was stuck as hell for like an hour. (yea that weekend we took dozer up there and fixed track. trail came down hill into curve and just wasnt wide enoff with ditch right in the way. where at top of hill and bottom were wide enoff to pass. so if u take hill slow you loose race. well sorry to be ramling like this. the only question is does anyone think it would be fair to race this class. i dont want to race inexperenced kids. how old are most of you blaster racers. how long have you all been riding. anyone from wv tracks please reply also what size quads will i race against. if it looks like i'll be racing kids i rather just ride trails and let them have it. if i would be racing bigger quads that would be a good race. i dont know how the classes are setup. i have never raced on tracks. only homemade tracks which were nice thanks to my dad. (had most of my school on my trails on weekends. 30+ bikes quads every weekend. man was fun. (im sorry to say there gone now due to selling part of land to ahole). later guys
hey man your never to old for any class. im 22 and some people ask me why i havn't gotten a 450 and 1. i have 2 much in my blaster and 2. i love how light it is and i can just throw it arond. i have tons of work in mine and am finally building a stroker motor. i have supession all the way around. i race district 6 i've taken the last few years off b/c college sucks the money right out of you but ill be getting back in next spring. i've been beaten by little kinds before and just b/c they are yound doesn't mean they are inexperiensed. yes it is a begginer class however i started racing when i was 13 on my blaster and im not afraid to enter quad c with it or some b races. also w/ the 300 ex in our class it makes it different. you gotta really be on top of your game to keep infront b/c of the torque difference. straight line almost any worked blaster is faster then a 300ex but getting throuhg turns is where it counts. again experience helps. so don't be discouraged that it is considered a little kids class. when it first started it was a money class. so that should tell you something about the machines they are racing.