Question on install of Toomey B1 Pipe Kit.


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Aug 31, 2007
I picked up a Toomey B1 kit and wondered if I could just run without the lid...instead of cutting the 12 1" holes and installing the little 1" filters.
I mostly ride in sand in the SoCal dunes, so what do you think?

For those that don't know...the kit came with a pipe/silencer, jet kit, UNI filter, and 12 1" UNI filters that are to be installed after I cut 12 holes in the lid. I'm thinking...why cut when you can remove?!?!
I have a K&N filter with an Outerwears cover I was gonna run instead of the UNI.

Thanks, Jay.
u can, just rejet and u should be fine,and u should get an aftermarket foam filter becuz they are best for dust conditions
Jay you can remove the airbox lid but why not do what the Toomey kit wants you to do. Drill the holes and install the UNI (foam aftermarket) filter. If the kit wanted you to take the lid off they would tell you to. Toomey did a lot of research and development for you to just not listen to them and do what you want.
i tried the air box vents they suck. So i cut a the lid so it was just the outside rectangle. My roommate stole some heater filter from work. I put the foam heater filter on the airbox using the lid to secure it down tight. We did a dice run and my air box was clean the heater foam filter was dirty just a quick spray with hose it was clean. it breaths as good as no airbox lid.
I will say this. Every bike I have ATM have the lids removed Except my blaster which has 4 2" holes drilled in the lid.
Just fyi

Mr. Toomey says leave the lid off. I have been emailing him about mods I want to do to the Blaster. I bought the bike mostly because it had a brand new B1 on it and I am familiar with the design of the Blaster itself. Anyway he says leave it off.

BTW, Toomey's a great guy and responds to email like greased lightning. ANY questions you have shoot him a note.

For anyone that doesn't have it.

u can jsut use some silicon to seal the air box vents into the plastic holders