question for SoloVRT61


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Jul 31, 2007
solovrt, when u installed your power reeds, did u have to do nething special bc they are dual stage or whatever. are they a direct bolt in or is it complicated cause i ordered them today
Its a direct bolt on..You are going to take the reeds out of the package exactly how they come( the larger reed is on the bottom and the smaller "carbon" reed sits on top, your going to place them on the reed cage and place the ree flap ( the metal plate ) over the reeds and screw them in place..Make sure they are center.. Its really easy. Also make sure you intake boot is clean..and be carefull not to get dirt in your carb when you remove it..

a fad that companies use to make money lol kinda like the liquid cooled head
Ehh I wouldnt call dual reeds a fad.. Dual reeds open alittle earlier and allow better air flow..You will notice a difference with aftermarket reeds as the OEM reeds arent that great...
oem reeds suck but there cant be much difference, but maybe thats because im a big v-force fan, kinda like me and toomeys
not to post on, i'm stock right now ordering the fmf pipe kit actually right now with the power core 2. What reed set would you guys recomend for my setup? It's an 02 with a fmf exhaust.
boysens what I'm looking at you can just order the reeds and not need to buy a new cage right?