Problem With Idle?? Help needed :) thanks



Hey everyone.. Thanks for takin the time to read this..

Basically when i have warmed up my 96 blaster everythings ok for about 10 mins.. Then when u slow down and ur about to idle.. it rev's extremely high by itself then it normally konks and out..

I solved this problem for about 30 mins.. By switching it to the reserve tank?

I dono how that helped but it did.. I quickly cleaned the carb (the outside and a few squirtys inside) i don't wana take the whole carb off and clean the jets unless you guy's/girl's think that i should?

Any help would be appreciated.. Btw the fuel was brand new in that day and the oil is pretty new aswell, I dont have the oil cut off yet.. i just bought the quad..

thnx adam
look under support and it tells you with pics how to clean your carb. try that it is real easy.
The top of the carb was coming of due to the vibration of the engine.. abit of pipe tape sorted the problem out thnx