"Precision Racing" or "ATVaddiction"

Sell parts

Largest internet atv parts seller according to thier ad on Ebay. Out of Pa. apparently. Looks like pretty cheap prices comparetivly.

i've heard of them, they are located not too terribly far from my town idk how reliable they are, i only deal with small private local stores i've reallly never heard any major complaints about them from my buddies...but... then again...some of those guys are a little LOONY but still..they know how to ride good..etc. but yeah...idk about goin with them if it seems that very little is known bout them
i have been to atv addiction before... they are in orrstown...
small shop at the guys house...
last i heard they werent doing to well as a business... then the atv addiction name disappeard

Why I bought the 4mm from you and almost the cyl. Took them over a month and they charged my card 3 times for a cyl. kit. Man I was pissed.