Post your how-to requests here!


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Mar 26, 2007
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Just like the title says. If you are not sure on how to do something to your quad or know how and would like to share your approach then post it here. Hopefully this idea doesnt flop.
LOL! Kiss my ass. :)

Step 1.) Unscrew cap on top
Step 2.) Add gasoline inside the hole
Step 3.) Screw cap back on, snug

You're finished. Congratulations.
I think JL is serious though. And he's asking a good question. If anyone needs help with something, take advantage of this time.

I'm not sure how to put gas in my blaster please HELP ASAP i want to ride today!!!!!!!!!

suspension dis-assembly/re-assembly, something commonly over looked, if you wanna get real technical do komplete bearing removal/replacement plus notesd on care and what not
I think when someone is going to replace something on there quad that takes a lil experience they need to snap pics of step by step on what to do.
yes but many MANY MANY people over look the care and ive fixed alot of "easy" jobs for people, bearing replacement is so simple it pans out to be a komplex task some kannot komprehend, ive been in many may many dollars on used quads with the fixing of worn out suspension
What about a how-to take out the key setup so you can just kick and go
i know this is probably retarded, but to install new reeds. Im sure once i start taking it apart ill figure it out, but always nice to have a few tricks and pointers. doesnt even have to be with pics, just some nice info would help alot. Cause im gonna do this and the jets at the same time.
I can prob get some pics for the hows to's since my bikes already down an i have to take them off anyways
How about the rear bearings replacement?I've been fighting with it and cant get the damn things out.